Pharmalys is a health and science consultancy organisation that was created in 2008 in London and 2012 in Senegal. Pharmalys provides support to sponsors/funders of health research projects. They are involved in a wide range of projects currently running in SSA, from complex clinical trials to health system optimisation.

Pharmalys is an SME partner of the European Commission for the clinical monitoring of clinical trials. One of Pharmalys main drives is its contribution to building sufficient clinical research capacities in SSA to expedite the research and development of effective drugs, vaccines and other medical interventions. Their position in West Africa gives them the opportunity to be actively involved in capacity building in the francophone countries where the English language is an important barrier for researchers. In this partnership, Pharmalys, with support from EthiXPERT, will be responsible for organising and conducting the one-week intensive workshop for RNEC and FDA personnel.