Pharma-Ethics is a Health Research Ethics Committee situated in South Africa and is registered by the National Health Research Ethics Council of South Africa. For the past 24 years, the main focus of Pharma-Ethics was ethics review of health research proposals including clinical trials, device trials, epidemiology research and health systems research. Applicants include the National Department of Health, NGOs, and international health organisations such as CDC, academic institutions, pharmaceuticals, private researchers and students.

Committee members and employees receive continuous training on health research. Pharma-Ethics has been making use of the RHInno Ethics platform for a number of years and has been involved with the set-up of the platform in an advisory capacity. Many years’ experience in the administration of Research Ethics Committees and training of administrators, ethics committee members and researchers make Pharma-Ethics well placed to provide training and tele-consultancy services. Pharma Ethics will provide training courses on the ethics of health research, which are accredited by the University of Pretoria. In this partnership, Pharma-Ethics will be responsible for organising and delivering advanced ethics training for IREC personnel.