EthiXPERT is a Non-Profit company headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa. EthiXPERT overall aim is to build responsible and ethical research capacity in and for Africa ( Research Ethics is fundamental for health, quality of life and social development. To this end, EthiXPERT is devoted to build capacity in responsible conduct of research by providing training and developing relevant tools to facilitate knowledge and skills development to health research stakeholders in Africa.

EthiXPERT has been working closely with COHRED since 2018. The Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED’s) is an international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, with its main objective to strengthen research ethics capacity in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) and to enable governments and institutions to find solutions for their health challenges.

EthiXPERT came to fruition as a result of COHRED’s desire to build the capacity of African institutions, enabling them to have adequate local knowledge, skills and expertise, and the tools to develop locally relevant solutions. Among other research and ethics capacity building objectives, EthiXPERT is COHRED's strategic partner and is responsible for implementing COHRED's Africa based activities, specifically the implementation of the COHRED's RHInnO Ethics cloud-based online review system, within the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The implementation of a dynamic and responsive digital platform for online ethics review involves the installation of RHInnO Ethics online review platform to NRECH and the other three RECs that will participate in this proposal. This platform was developed by COHRED, which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. COHRED has handed over the ownership and management of RHInnO Ethics platform to EthiXPERT, an Africa entity, which has the capacity and shares the same vision as COHRED. Handing over the RHInnO Ethics platform to EthiXPERT Is In line with COHRED philosophy to strengthen research ethics capacity in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) and to enable governments and local institutions to find solutions for their health challenges.

In this consortium, COHRED has signed a partnership agreemend and memorandum of understanding to hand over the coordination and implementation of all RHInnO Ethics related tasks to EthiXPERT. Allowing EthiXPERT to coordinate the installation and development of the RHInnO Ethics related work package will improve the efficiency of how this work packages will be coordinated, as all EthiXPERT directors are based in Africa, which makes it easy and quicker to deal with any issues that may arise in the implementation process. EthiXPERT has the necessary capacity required to deliver the assigned work packages successful. It has a dedicated and visionary team of African based directors, who have the necessary skills, expertise and a wealth of experience and will-power to undertake the proposed tasks successfully.